Bellacotton - Incomparável como seu carinho

Flexicotton invests in the well being of its employees, the community and the planet by adopting sustainable practices daily.

Ecological Packaging

Our products are eco-friendly and have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), the most recognized green seal in the world. It certifies that the production process respects the environment and contributes to the social and economic development of forest communities.

Manufacturing LED lighting

Our new plant uses only LED bulbs which are recyclable, causing no damage to the environment. This type of lighting offers great advantages: long service life, savings in maintenance, no shock risk contact, and do not emit infrared or ultraviolet rays.

Bike action

About 90 of our employees were awarded custom bikes and shirts at the end of 2014 for commitment to safety and environmental standards.  The T-shirts made from PET bottle fiber and organic cotton - free from chemical pollutants, save 30% energy and 6 liters of water in its production. They are part of the project "Green is Life" and were distributed along with seeds of species of Brazil’s native forest.

Sustainable everyday

Since 2012, all uniforms of our employees are produced with environmentally friendly materials (organic cotton and PET fiber). They also receive bike and travel mugs as an incentive to reduce the use of disposable cups and bottles. In addition, we sponsor frequent company events to create awareness of environmental sustainability and overall quality of life.

Waste management: recycling and reuse

We recycle all materials to reduce the generation of waste, protect human health and preserve the environment. Employees receive training, to adopt attitudes and behaviors aligned with the programs.